Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

The tool string from Standard Bearing Components

In the world bearing industry is a part that is not separated from each machine installed equipment. How to care and the bearing which is a good effort to prevent damage to this component. SKF's study shows that cases of early bearing damage caused by the simple installation of bearing (with the hit) accounted for 16% of the total damage to the bearing. There is a damaged bearing akan possible engine performance. To overcome this problem have been developed in the Bering method that is capable of overcoming the installation process that is still simple. This process uses the principle elektromagnetik induction. Through this process, winding wire akan dialiri electric current that will produce a generation of energy and with the induction process of heat energy ditransferkan the next akan memuaikan bearing, bearing dimension after passing through the value of tolenransi shaft, bearing can be mounted on the shaft without beating during the installation process. The main components bearing heater can be obtained from simple components that are dipasaran that is:
(1) The core is derived from the Core transformer. Dimensions of dipasaran can be used directly. Initi at this place will be used as a wire coil
(2) with dimensions of winding wires can be selected in accordance with the notice requirement is the maximum amount of flow that can be raised and adjusted to the number of winding voltage source that will be used and
(3) temperature sensors can be obtained from the standard part which has been sold dipasaran. This third component of the equipment will be produced and dirangkai package bearing heater. The process of energy transfer in the heater bearing is held in conduction, where heat energy will move from side to side in the bearing outside. So in the process of heating, the inner side bearing will experience more heating than the first outer sidenya. So that the model that most of the heater is the bearing area of the heating heater approaching dimensional inner side (in diameter) bearing that will be heated.

Jumat, 08 Mei 2009

Technical Modifications biar durable canvas clutch

Username for more money to have trouble, continue to canvass koplingnya is slightly worn-bit (the time I upgraded canvas), here's tricks & tips yangt can make money even though sparing no need to buy canvas clutch for several months. How: Rendamlah canvas clutch that has been worn earlier in the solution of gas, the time is approximately one hour aja. After that dried and re-installed as they are. Thickness canvas clutch of new and worn far different, if only it is so worn kampasnya quite hard compared with the new. But with the way the canvas is already worn clutch will soften, because of gas before, so that slip does not occur. Yah lumayan to the distance around 6000 km's. Proximity use a soaked canvas clutch is of course different, it all depends on the type motornya, whether the system manual or automatic clutch. Please try.

Tips select Accu

During the consumer know the consequences, mutually battery specification is not a Disallow. In a sense, whether a replacement battery is able to supply electric power to all components. Or even make work peranti supporting the weight of the battery capacity due to besar.Ulasan above is a basic requirement for consumers who want to buy a new battery outside of specification. "The goal komsumen that does not select one and avoid the problem of electricity in the future," said Ady Adrianto alias ajo mechanical CAJ Motor.Sebagai picture, why the size of a standard battery in the motor sport different duck with? If the duck, specification average battery 12V / 3.5 ~ 5Ah, are in motor sport or motor men alias bantangan between 12V / 7 ~ 10Ah.Ukuran ampere battery on each motor that influenced the amount of flow dibutuhan. Take the duck cotoh motor specifications 12V/5Ah grandfather. With the size of 5Ah, then the battery is able to supply electric currents to the electrical components in the motor can be more than 60 watts. Figures that the results of multiplication 12V x 5Ah = 60 watts. If the use of large, usually rapid short electric battery. "If the AC motor ignition, there may be enabled when the lights dimmed. But a DC ignition, engine usually less often mbrebet electric sign, "the man who open up shop on Jl. Jatiwaringin Raya, Pondok Gede, Bekasi.Penyebab aki generally short ulah own regulator damaged or have additional components in the electrical motor. So if spek aki participate derived, the electric current flowed to the larger capacity is not comparable with aki.Sebaliknya if spek enlarged from the original battery. Although the ability of current battery supply better, but still have consequences. First, the performance of bobbin and kiprok certainly add weight should continue to fill due to the electric storage battery of size larger. Reasonable age if life is much shorter. "What is more important, great grandfather spek wiring that must be supported is also good. That is, the quality must be improved so that the cable does not easily burn. I also refractory due to the large electric also, "wantinya.Terakhir, see dimension when you want to replace the battery size. For, the average high-aki spek can affect the size. Therefore not replace the battery should not be. However, suggestions ajo, check whether the battery is not large dimension mentok to be in order when the shocks to sebabkan korslet.
CHECK Regulator.

Before changing a new battery, you should check first regulator or kiprok. If peranti who work for the electric battery is damaged, usually do not want electric storage battery is full. Or more troublesome if kiprok can not repress gede electric bobbin from the battery. A perforated aki.Kejadian battery overcharge due kiprok broken-down experienced by many consumers to change the new Accu. "Usually they are angry and blame the manufacturer battery. After a new battery is replaced, will be broken-down as well. Finally, eat two battery victims, "said Bunyamin Maxima battery manufacturers and Indobatery.Untuk love it Bunyamin guide. Kiprok check first. Also identify if the water was abis battery. Must be vigilant, because it can be kiprok too many broken-down and electric supply. Finally, hot water and battery quickly and perforated

How ngecek damage reting flasher

Flasher is a component that makes reting / blinker blinking turn automatically. checked if the light bulb and connecting cable in good condition, the cause of death reting / blinker turn is damage to the flasher. Living . I check:
1. Remove the flasher from the cop Cabel.
2. Then the cop before the cable is connected directly with the cable seutas. Then try a new turn reting the pro gantian.
3. If reting lights up but not blinking, it means there is damage to the flasher.
4. But if the reting dead, the damage not only on the flasher, but also on the cable-connecting cable should be corrected.hopefully this article useful. Greeting bikers

Resistansi Motor plug

Continuing the previous article, this time presented a comparison of 10 kinds of resistansi spark plugs for motorcycles which are sold in the market. Same with car engines, spark plugs need to be adjusted with the characters and the machine. So if you plug a model spelled out if it is installed on the motor brand X, not necessarily suitable plug can be installed in the motor if the Y, and so on. Open the manual again and motor maintenance, select plug the machine in accordance with the motor you, .. not eaten accidentally persuasion sweet shop of course. Here's my reference resistansi plug on the motor ..

Hopefully useful

Sabtu, 28 Maret 2009

Relay for the horn / lights Extra (revised)

Many of us are not happy with the default sound horn motor / car that is less hard / rough, or also the standard that is less bright or powerless small.Di store partshop or automobile accessories, sold a lot of aftermarket horn that sound like Fiam, hella, Bosch , PIAA, Wolo, Hadley, fer, and it and so.Horn power large enough, unfortunately, the cable is installed on the default standard horn motor / car can not accommodate the power needs can be tersebut.Malah horn switch will be damaged quickly because every time you pressed , akan splash out a fire on the metal contact inside the long run will be worn, even to its plastic case akan meleleh.So also with the light of heaven is greater, will problematic same case with the above.
To complete the problem, we need additional support components, namely relay.Relay is a component that is used as the switch / pemutus flow to the load that is big enough, is controlled by electrical signals with the flow kecil.Dengan use the relay, the cable to the switch does not need to cable is bold, for the flow are connected to the switch is minimal.
Many of the relay in the circulating partshop, there are many brands such as hella, Bosch, Omron, etc., ... and many of them own in fake.I prefer to use a Bosch relay branded the original, as well as relaynya socket.
Following components that are required for this project .- Socket Relay Bosch brand + terminal konektornya Relay Bosch 4-foot type "0 332 019 453" - Fuse Box (box fuse) + terminal Connector-Fuse / fuse adjusted to the burden its flow. for example 10 Ampere Kabel .- thick fiber-diameter 5mm Terminal Ring
How to Install ..
There are 2 kinds of systems electricity to for horn or lights, which is controlled by a positive voltage and negative voltage.
Usually the system is controlled by using a negative voltage cable 2. One where the cable to the positive and one to the switch controller.
System that is controlled by voltage Positive, usually use only 1 cable from the switch controller. Take one cable from the ground or the negative body.

Triggered spark plugs quickly die

Riggers main plug can quickly die of gas because too extravagant or minimal because Overheat due to gas fuel. In fact diseting carburettor is in such a way, even up to the standard position, yet the results still remain naught and spark plugs quickly replaced.When have experienced it, it is not another leak occurred around the lips or umbrella valve incoming waste. So that the fuel mixture with air space in the fuel composition is not ideal, or even exactly terbuang out. "In the end plug which is also attacked. That is because the electrode plug difficult memantik gas fuel. Impact is also often occurs when compression. Consequently, such as loss of motor power due to compression is leaking, "explains course instructor, the head mechanic HMTC (Hartomo Mechanical Training Center) se-Indonesia.
Triggers plug die.Instead quickly lost power, the condition of the valve and dispose of incoming water is usually also make life difficult motor. And if any want to live, sometimes difficult diseting normal karbu also frequently arise in the muzzle blast sound muffler.Analisis Boim, died due to the valve plug in because there is gas leaking fuel back out to the depressed muzzle karbu in the early starter. Ultimately, the gas fuel is not burned it was damp spark plugs, umbrellas and parts of the valve. Oke, because the gasoline motor is flooding switched.Instead increasingly difficult in the case of the valve is leaking out. Rembesnya compression engine heat causes the temperature to rise to the level Overheat. That is because the comparison of fuel gas that previously ideal, when the compression is leaking out to the muffler. Working piston is increasingly heavy. "Engine not only exceedingly hot. If the valve is leaking out usually arise from the exhaust like explosion because raw fuel gas in the stomach burned exhaust participate explosion occurred during compression, "said Boim's office on Jl. Tole Iskandar Raya, No. 9, off-Depok.
The characteristics that is easily recognizable in the case of the valve is leaking, according to him can be seen from two things. If the valve in a leaking, color electrode spark plugs tend to be black and the smell of wet gas. Although karbu already diakali with the settings spuyer irit.Lain things out if the valve is rembes. Electrode spark plugs look dry and white. And if the engine again high flame heat. Exact settings such as slit valve is too thin. Understand ..?